Allegiant - Veronica Roth

I'm not really sure how I feel about this book.  On the one hand I enjoyed parts of it, but on the other hand it felt like more of the same...

This novel is in Four's perspective as well as Tris'.  That is okay, although, Four's internal dialogue sounds very similar to Tris'.  I expected him to be a stronger character based on the first novel.  Sometimes I had to check whose point-of-view I was reading because it was easy to forget.

The pace of the novel seemed to increase then slow down towards the very end. And  I think the amount of injured character's throughout the novels bordered on over-kill. Having said that, I still enjoyed the Divergent Series and I would read the books again. I liked the sci-fi aspect and the final novel filled some holes from the first novel. The ending didn't surprise me but it left me feeling a little flat.  I think I was expecting something outstanding and it fell short. As a fan of The Hunger Games trilogy, the writing style in the Divergent series doesn't come close to the excitement I felt while reading Suzanne Collins' work, hence I'm giving Allegiant 3 and a half stars.  It is entertaining and action-packed but I think the movie, like the first book's, will evoke more emotion from me.