Limbo is the Word

If I Stay - Gayle Forman

I enjoyed this novel but it didn't evoke as much emotion in me as I'd hoped. The story of a family in a car accident and a daughter in a coma, stuck in limbo, having an out-of-body experience is a good one, however, it seemed to be lacking something. I can't pin-point the issue. I can only put it down to the writing style. The story seems more for teenagers. Perhaps it just wasn't gritty enough for me? I'm guessing the movie will be quite sad and I'll definitely watch it. I may even shed a tear. Who knows? I hope so.
I wouldn't say don't read this book. Certainly, the character's are interesting and the story is tragic. It is an easy read and sometimes thought-provoking, but for me, it wasn't memorable enough to give it more than 3 stars. If you enjoyed 'The Lovely Bones' you might like this.