Predictable but Nice Enough...

A Walk to Remember - Nicholas Sparks

I enjoyed the movie to this book, even though it was a bit soppy and made me cry. I saw the movie before I read 'A Walk to Remember', but I saw it years ago so I can't remember if the book and the movie are exactly the same. I think there is a slight variation but they are similar. I gave 'A Walk to Remember' three stars. Although, I enjoyed it more as I got closer to the end, I tend to find Sparks' writing style a bit juvenile as he seems to 'tell' rather than 'show', and sometimes he talks to the reader's like they are stupid and don't know what he is saying e.g. 'Break a leg' in theatre is a common good luck term. I'd say most people know that without him explaining it.
Having said that, I enjoy the fact that I can read a Sparks book without really thinking because I can usually work out what is going to happen. There aren't many surprises and the formula is usually the same. Boy meets girl, they fall in love, there is some reason they can't be together or a conflict enfolds, then one of the character's in the book dies. Usually the ending involves a resolution or something sad and mooshy. The end. I can see why they make nice romantic movies but as novels they lack something. I can only put it down to the writing style. I'd read another Sparks book again because I'm sometimes in the mood for a bit of fluff and a sweet story, but I never expect the work to be more than average. The 'Notebook' was the only exception I've come across so far.