Me and Mr. Darcy: A Novel

Me and Mr. Darcy - Alexandra Potter After reading Potter's book 'Do You Come Here Often?' and enjoying it, I was expecting good things from 'Me and Mr Darcy'. Unfortunately I was bitterly disappointed. 'Me and Mr Darcy' is one big cliche. Potter takes the story of 'Pride and Prejudice' and basically retells it in a modern day version (which has been done before in 'Bridget Jones' Diary' (although Fielding does a much better job)). The main character, Emily (who is American but sounds more English), goes on a Jane Austen tour in England with a bunch of older ladies. There just so happens to be a male journalist on the bus who she can't stand. You can guess what happens from the beginning. Then throw in the actual character of Mr Darcy who she somehow encounters, plus a mysterious tour guide who can also see Mr Darcy, and the book takes an even more ridiculous turn. Potter occasionally made me laugh with some of her character's antics, but the constant internal babbling of the main character, Emily, became annoying and over-the-top. I give 'Me and Mr Darcy' two stars for its un-originality but I did like the idea that Mr Darcy (the character) is better as a fantasy.