The Subtle Knife, Deluxe 10th Anniversary Edition (His Dark Materials, Book 2)(Rough-cut)

The Subtle Knife  - Philip Pullman, Ian Beck I am loving this series. Book 2, 'The Subtle Knife' follows Lyra and her new friend, Will, as they attempt to move between worlds, find lost loved ones, discover the meaning of 'dust' and escape from the clutches of evil. Prepare for a lot of action and adventure. 'The Subtle knife' is just as enjoyable as 'The Golden Compass'. It is fast paced and full of interesting and colourful characters. I would say it's a little complex at times and some of the concepts can be hard to grasp. Although it looks like a kid's book, I think it's more for young adults as kids and even teenagers may have difficulty understanding the scientific bits. The rest is one fun-filled, fantastical ride.