Crimson Mind - Amanda Leigh

Please excuse my excitement but this is my debut novel and it has just been released!  I have a gigantic smile on my face at the moment.


Crimson Mind is an erotic thriller written in verse.  It is more of a thriller with erotic undertones.  It is violent, sexy and easy to read (in my opinion).  My aim was to write a verse novel that most people could read without any difficulty.  It is fast-paced and it gets straight to the point.


Some of the poems were laid out to look like particular things e.g. a knife, a noose etc. Because of this, I recommend you read a hard copy version as I can't guarantee the layout will look the same on your e-reader.  I have been told it is to do with different device settings.  It is totally up to you which version you read, but just be aware you may not see the work the way it is meant to be seen, which is why I recommend a hard copy.

For those who aren't sure what I mean by 'verse', Crimson Mind is a series of poems that are all connected to form a story.  Each poem links with the next.  If you are familiar with Dorothy Porter's work, you will understand what I mean.  I love her writing style and I wanted to do something similar.  


Here is the synopsis for Crimson Mind, for those who are interested:


When twenty-year-old Mary Hunt is raped then murdered in Rocky Burrow Mountains, it is up to small town police officer Senior Constable Susan Connelly to prove herself capable and solve the case.


With Mary's friend, Samantha, and cousin, Jacqueline, also searching for answers, it is a race to find the killer before the killer finds them.


Fast-paced, violent, and sexy, this erotic verse thriller delves into the lives and minds of the sexual, criminal, and just. It's a page-turner until the very end.


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